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Hit the wall with HealthySEAT? Ready to benefit from this decade’s technology?

Need help embracing EPA’s IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Tools for Schools?

What are you missing? Why should you care?
Secure Web-based architecture Embrace modular power and scalability, without IT; accessible from any computer or hand-held device
Integrated mobile device data collection End manual entry of assessment results; enable 50 – 70% labor cost savings, improved data integrity
Integrated web forms for data collection Equip crowd sourcing and participation
Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) Drive measurable outcomes, not just compliance
Integrated health & safety task management Close the loop on task and project management; urgent no longer overwhelms important
Integrated health & safety website Deliver on stakeholder transparency and accountability requirements with ease
Extensive data output options Get data out in formats you can use
Open Application Programming Interface (API) Support current and future compatibility with other systems

The Healthy School Environments Assessment Tool (HealthySEATv2) grew out of a database tool based on a runtime license of Microsoft Access. While a positive step forward in its time, its architectural limitations and Information Technology support requirements limit the benefits for many school districts. As Dan Schwarz, VP of Technology at ApexOD explains, “While some good people with honorable intentions have gone to great lengths to stretch the limitations of this legacy technology, HealthySEAT is still fundamentally a checklist template generator assembled in a 1990s era desktop application.”

ApexOD’s technology was designed from the ground up with a modern, scalable, web-based architecture that breaks through the critical limitations of HealthySEAT, driving the cost savings, safety, and academic outcomes that matter most.

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