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Apex Online Development, LLC

Apex Online Development, LLC (AOD) was founded in 2002 by its founder who’s also the sole owner of Apex Analytics, Inc an environmental health and safety consulting and testing business started in 1994.

The Apex group has leveraged over twenty years of environmental health & safety experience into the creative process that make our products unique. Unlike other products that were created by outsiders, we have used field experience and direct feedback from our clients to create practical and easy- to-use products that meet specific industry needs. We do this by combining the power of the Internet and mobile computing. Our technologies and methods link key procedures and eliminate redundant processes, thereby streamlining overall workflow.

The founder’s vision has produced a series of web base enterprise software modules that are changing the industry’s paradigm. These tools empower managers, service providers and business owners to streamline old business processes with our multitenant management system. The innovative technology provides stake holders’ system access through role based portals guiding users directly to their assigned task. This process is often referred to as Business Process Automation (BPA), which is converting legacy paper-based processes into digital process workflows within a centralized software environment. The result is dramatic operation efficiencies with access to vital real-time data.

Mr. Duff R. Dorschner

The founder, Mr. Dorschner, is the President of Apex Online Development, LLC. A relentless outcome-focused innovator and entrepreneur, Mr. Dorschner combines twenty plus years of environmental health and safety field experience with a long history of driving efficiencies through established technology. His certifications include; OSHA 500 & 501 certified training the trainer, NIOSH 582 Asbestos Fiber Analyst, Asbestos Inspector, Asbestos Site Supervisor. Mr. Dorschner company’s responsibilities include: product development, business development, sales and marketing.

AOD’s Team of Software Engineers

Our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals has over 35 years of professional software development experience combined with successful track record of building software to streamline and transform legacy business processes in manufacturing, retail, life science, and other industries. Clients have included 3M, Best Buy, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, Xcel Energy, City of St. Paul, K12 School Districts, and nonprofit organizations. The Team’s notable expertise include: mobile applications, web design, IT infrastructure, web base application, point of sale, interactive experience, and network analysts.