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Training Solved!

Not JUST online training

Online training is fast becoming a popular way to deliver many kinds of training, including health and safety.  However, as you know, training is just one piece of your compliance management.  Apex Total Training delivers quality training content to your workforce, but we go a step futher and integrate it into a proven management system. Take a look at what sets Apex Total Training apart from the rest.

Engaging, Customizable Training Content

Lacking training content or are employees getting sick of the same old cheesy videos every year?  No need to start from scratch! We’ll provide templates for all your training programs.
Starting with a PowerPoint presentation, we'll add narration, animations, quiz questions, and videos. We can also insert site specific images to further customize your training to your workforce.

Carefree Training Management

Easily manage training curriculum that meets OSHA's standards.

Curriculum Chart
Per OSHA's standards, the proper sequence for developing safety curriculum is to:
    1. Develop a written plan for how to engineer out and/or work around the workplace hazard.

    2. Identify workers exposed to these hazards while performing their job duties.

    3. Create a Job Safety Analysis for each job description.

    4. Create training that demonstrates the hazard in the workplace and how to work safely around the hazard.
      The curriculum chart displays the course schedule for the job titles within each department.

    With The Total Program, relationships between your written plans, training and job titles are clearly defined in a centralized location.

Training scenarios include:

Unlike other web-based training software, Total Training is a complete Learning Management System.