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Who We Are

Apex Online Development is dedicated to building affordable state of the art technology which empowers health & safety professionals to create healthy & safe environments for staff, students and communities. Learn more...

Apex Online Development

Who We Serve

We provide tools to manage efficient and compliant health and safety programs to organizations in education, manufacturing, mining, construction, insurance, and consulting. Learn more...

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Our Products

We designed a modular suite of web-based Program Management products designed to improve compliance, save time, improve communication, reduce risk, and lower the cost of delivering a safe and healthy environment in your buildings. Learn more...

Apex Products

Patent Pending Technology

We have combined the essential Environmental Health & Safety components into a proven results-oriented system that allows organizations to drive significant cost savings, risk reduction, and performance improvement, while leveraging the positive programs, practices, and partners already in place.
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Hit the wall with HealthySEAT?

ApexOD’s technology was designed from the ground up with a modern, scalable, web-based architecture that breaks through the critical limitations of HealthySEAT, driving the cost savings, safety, and academic outcomes that matter most.
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